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2015 Sáez-Briones P, Soto-Moyano R, Burgos H, Castillo A, Valladares L, Morgan C, Pérez H, Barra R, Constandil L, Laurido C, Hernández A. β2-adrenoceptor stimulation restores frontal cortex plasticity and improves visuospatial performance in hidden-prenatally-malnourished young-adult rats. Neurobiol Learn Mem 2015; 119:1-9
2014 Buttigieg A, Flores O, Hernández A, Sáez-Briones P, Burgos H, Morgan C. Preference for high-fat diet is developed by young Swiss CD1 mice after short-term feeding and is prevented by NMDA receptor antagonists. Neurobiol Learn Mem 2014; 107:13-18
2012 Barrera C, Gatica A, Morgan C. Obese visceral adipose tissue grafted in lean mice can alter glucose homeostasis and energy efficiency. J Biol Regul Homeost Agents 2012; 26(3):411-417
2012 Barra R, Soto-Moyano R, Valladares L, Morgan C, Pérez H, Burgos H, Olivares R, Sáez-Briones P, Laurido C, Hernández A. Knockdown of α(2C)-adrenoceptors in the occipital cortex rescued long-term potentiation in hidden prenatally malnourished rats. Neurobiol Learn Mem 2012; 98(3):228-234
2011 Flores O, Pérez H, Valladares L, Morgan C, Gatica A, Burgos H, Olivares R, Hernández A. Hidden prenatal malnutrition in the rat: role of β(1) -adrenoceptors on synaptic plasticity in the frontal cortex. J Neurochem 2011; 119(2):314-323
2010 Perez H, Soto-Moyano R, Ruiz S, Hernandez A, Sierralta W, Olivares R, Núñez H, Flores O, Morgan C, Valladares L, Gatica A, Flores FJ. A putative role for hypothalamic glucocorticoid receptors in hypertension induced by prenatal undernutrition in the rat. Neurosci Lett 2010; 483(1):41-46
2010 Burgos H, Castillo A, Flores O, Puentes G, Morgan C, Gatica A, Cofré C, Hernández A, Laurido C, Constandil L. Effect of modafinil on learning performance and neocortical long-term potentiation in rats. Brain Res Bull 2010; 83(5):238-244
2010 Flores O, Núñez H, Perez H, Morgan C, Soto-Moyano R, Valladares L, Burgos H, Olivares R, Hernandez A. beta-Adrenoceptor blockade depresses molecular and functional plasticities in the rat neocortex. Brain Res Bull 2010; 82(5-6):284-288
2009 Suazo M, Hodar C, Morgan C, Cerpa W, Cambiazo V, Inestrosa NC, Gonzalez M. Overexpression of amyloid precursor protein increases copper content in HEK293 cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2009; 382(4):740-744
2007 Wellen KE, Fucho R, Gregor MF, Furuhashi M, Morgan C, Lindstad T, Vaillancourt E, Gorgun CZ, Saatcioglu F, Hotamisligil GS. Coordinated regulation of nutrient and inflammatory responses by STAMP2 is essential for metabolic homeostasis.Cell. 2007 May 4;129(3):537-548
2004 Reyes E, Chacón MA, Dinamarca MC, Cerpa W, Morgan C, Inestrosa NC. Acetylcholinesterase-Abeta complexes are more toxic than Abeta fibrils in rat hippocampus: effect on rat beta-amyloid aggregation, laminin expression, reactive astrocytosis and neuronal cell loss. Am J Pathol 2004; 164(6):2163-2174
2004 Morgan C, Colombres M, Nuñez MT, Inestrosa NC. Structure and function of amyloid in Alzheimer's Disease. Progr Neurobiol 2004; 74(6):323-349
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1998 Bronfman FC, Alvarez A, Morgan C, Inestrosa NC. Laminin blocks the assembly of wild-type Abeta and the Dutch variant peptide into Alzheimer's fibrils. Amyloid 1998; 5(1):16-23
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1995 Morgan C, Bronfman M. Saturable binding sites for the coenzyme A ester of nafenopin, a peroxisome proliferator, in rat liver cytosol. Xenobiotica 1995; 25(12):1293-1300
2012 Olivares R, Morgan C, Pérez H, Hernández A, Aboitiz F, Soto-Moyano R, Gil J, Ortiz A, Flores O, Gimeno M, Laborda J. Anatomy of corpus callosum in prenatally malnourished rats. Biol Res 2012;45(1):87-92
2004 Morgan C, Inestrosa NC. Acetylcholinesterase stabilizes beta-amyloid fibrils against disassembly induced by Laminin. In: Inestrosa NC, Campos EO., editors. Cholinesterases in the Second Millenium: Biomolecular and pathological aspects. VII International meeting on cholinesterases; 2002 December, Pucón, Chile. Santiago: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile-FONDAP Biomedicina; 2004. p.141-145
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